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Custom Development

Does your mill have hazardous chemicals creating safety issues and headaches? Does your sheet stability constrain your machine speed? Got slime that you can’t seem to control? Are your chemical costs just out of line? If existing chemical suppliers all have similar formulations that don’t provide solutions, you may need the flexibility of a custom product development. Contact us for a discussion.


Custom Product Development:

Projects marketable to some segment of the industry. Development cost can be ultimately born by the profits generated from the anticipated life and scope of the product.

Typical path of these development projects is:

1.  Need for a product is identified by a client
2.  Specifications and objectives are jointly defined
3.  Market analysis is performed by CrystalTek
4.  Scope is deemed broad enough by CrystalTek to justify productizing resulting formula
5.  Client agrees that CrystalTek produced industry available product can result
6.  CrystalTek initial design of product
7.  Client provides machine testing environment
8.  Redesign cycle continues until objectives and final formulation are reached

Costs incurred on both sides are born by each and agreed in advance.


Proprietary Custom Development:

Projects with limited marketability or which the client wishes to keep as trade secrets.  These generally follow two paths:

1.  Development cost is born up front by the client resulting in a formulation that is client owned; or,

2.  There are exclusive source and guaranteed volume contracts with CrystalTek to defray the costs over a specified period of time. Once these are satisfied, the client owns the formula with no further obligation to CrystalTek.