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Lab testing is complete on these products and they are awaiting production trials:


BLAST-HP 710C (patent pending): A highly concentrated form of BLAST-HP 710C, this product functions at much higher dilution rates and can be applied thru either low pressure chemical application showers or high pressure showers. It allows for greater flexibility in dosage based upon changing machine and furnish requirements. HMIS rating of 1-1-0.

BLAST-HP 711C: A high pressure, reactive blend which expands on the 710C high pressure approach to recycle board mills to also address wet strength resin contamination in recycled tissue mill press felts. HMIS rating of 1-1-0


706 Backwash cleaner: A soaking cleaner for tube and pressure disk filters in recaustisizing pulp mills. Replaces acid cleaners. 706 ELIMINATES THE CREATION OF DEADLY H2S GAS currently produced in this dangerous cleaning process. 706 is a safe-to-use alternative. HMIS ratings of 1-1-0.

777 pH adjuster: Safe to handle, non-corrosive. Replaces caustic used to balance the pH in mill water systems. HMIS ratings of 1-1-0

Still in lab development:

Pulper & headbox system used to adjust pH, produce an anti-microbial environment, preserve starch, and enhance fiber alignment. This system is designed to deactivate rather than eliminate micro-organisms. Deactivation prevents adherence and colony building.